Wednesday, June 2, 2010

F*ck Hope

Interesting thought process here.

I was just watching The Neverending Story, and one of the characters says "People who have no hopes are easily controlled, and he who has the control has the power."

I couldn't help but relate this to modern politics. Obama campaigned on Hope, and the Tea Party seems to disagree with everything he says, wanting to stay stagnant.

George Carlin once offered a slogan for uber-conservatives: "F*ck hope".

Perhaps Gmork knew this best. Maybe taking away hope for a better future, filling the people's heads with delusions that the past was some grand and perfect device that Hope has destroyed, has made these people easily controlled. And he who has the control (Beck, Rush, Palin) does have the power.


Anonymous said...

What has Sarah Palin ever done to you? Is her prevalance and popularity amongst the American people a threat to you and the liberal politicians you seem to support? As for Obama, he hasn't inspired hope, he has inspired a great amount of concern. How can anyone with a rational thinking mind look at what he stands for and the policies he represents to the country and be hopeful? Hope is inspired by action. Martin Luther King inspired great hope in the African American race by his marches for equality through the southern strongholds of racist and past thinking. His proactive steps inspired a people and thus gave them hope. In regards to the tea party, they are inspired by the galiant efforts of tea party leaders in Congress and around the country to limit spending and fight both establishment Republicans and Democrats to reverse the crash course that our country is currently on. You speak of brainwashing going on from Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, I would argue that you, Barack Obama, Rachel Maddow, Chris Mattews, Ed Schultz, Nancy Pelosi and other Liberal bafoons are also masters of manipulation and brainwashing. The door swings both ways. Most people are smarter than that they don't need you, or any other liberal fool trying to tell them they are controlled by another person or better yet stop trying to influence them with your flawed thinking.

thefoolish said...

An interesting comment, especially since you didn't have the bravery to at least leave your name.

1) What has Sarah Palin ever done to me?
--Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot that a politician had to wrong me personally before I was able to level a critique her way. Right.

2) Am I threatened by her popularity?
--Hardly. First of all, she has, even now, lost to Obama in potential elections, should the elections be held right now. Secondly, anyone who honestly thinks Palin could lead anything but the hand-basket to hell is blind. She's an imbecile and would be able to compete with George W. Bush in an IQ test.

3) Your other points.
--Yes, people are masters of manipulation on both sides. I personally down like Maddow because she is so clearly biased. However, she has at least had right-wing speakers on her show without yelling at them (see O'Reilly and Limbaugh). Yes, the door swing both ways, but my point was that the conservatives have been the party of "No" ever since Obama was elected, with their big players saying their main goal was to make sure that Obama was a one term president. That was their main goal. No jobs, not the economy, not wars. Obama with a bullseye is their number one goal.

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