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"Rapture Ready", Not Logic Ready

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have not seen or heard about this website, consider yourselves lucky. "Rapture Ready" (RR) is a well-known Christian forum full of Millennialists. In case you don't know, a Millennialist is "someone who thinks that the end of the world is at hand, that it will come with terror and destruction, and that a small group of the 'elect' will be saved from it by being taken directly into heaven. Millennialists typically speak of the destruction of their oppressive and cruel enemies, of salvation from this coming destruction by the miraculous return of a seemingly dead savior figure, and they usually believe that this will happen very soon...” (Keith Ward, “Understanding Biblical Teaching About the Coming of Christ in Glory”)

To put it very, very lightly, these people are scary. To be more accurate, these people are terrifying to the extent that I fear interacting with my fellow Man. I cannot take you through the entire website to show you this, though I invite you to do so. However, I feel I can show you all what I mean with a quick look at the rules of this website. Shall we?

[01] No Inappropriate language or pictures of cursing, cussing, foul, rude, crude words, or materials, including websites or videos. No slang such as OMG, Geez, Sheesh, etc...

Okay, this isn't so bad. I understand not cursing and not wanting annoying internet slang. Though I don't understand the 'Sheesh' one.

 No blasphemy of the Holy Spirit in mocking God, His character, or using God's name in vain. God is referred to as God and/or Jehovah, Yahweh, etc.... When discussing Allah we refer to the Muslim god, not the Jewish/Christian God of the Old and New testament.

I understand not wanting to take God's name in vain. Fine. But I find it interesting that the website requires the distinction between the 'Muslim' and 'Jewish/Christian' God. In fact, this figure is known as the Abrahamic God, regardless of whether it is address Islam, Judaism, or Christianity. Oh, by the way, did you notice that the word 'God' is not capitalized after the word 'Muslim'? Interesting, eh? 

 Defend the Faith and God's infallible Word, not the ways of the world, homosexuality, liberalism, socialism, false translations, false theologies, Mysticism, or deceptive cults and other heresies. We believe in only one true gospel of saving grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone in His shed blood for our atonement, Old Testament looked forward to God's provision of the sacrifice, New Testament looks back to God's provision of the sacrifice. Do not promote, two gospels, hyper Dispensationalism, Arminianism, hyper-Calvinism, nor other ideologies of religious legalism. Do not play 'devil's advocate' for the sake of argument.

Let me tell you what to believe. Oh, and don't attempt to increase our logical understanding by playing devil's advocate, probably because it involves the word 'devil'. I like how homosexuality and liberalism are here.

Okay, these aren't that crazy. Let's find some freshly made nutcakes!

No liberal left wing political agendas, pacifism, socialism, libertarianism, fascism, scientism, Tax Dodging, Anti-American Conspiracies, Anti-War Propaganda, or that the United States is Israel or Mystery Babylon. No "Financial Fear and panic, store ammo and cans" threads stressing America is going down the tubes and Jesus is leaving us stranded. No plotting to overthrow the American government. No Conspiracy theories such as FEMA camps....Practice your faith through prayer trusting God always providing our needs and never forsaking us. Hebrews 13:5 Psalms 37:25

Ah. There we go. So, no being a democrat. That's a bad democrat! As a matter of fact, you're also not allowed to think, contemplate, be logical, or make your own conclusions. Is there any way that we could turn you into a mindless drone controlled by an ancient book filled with evil, contradictions, and fantasy in order to control you to do what we like and give us your money? There is? How? Religion, huh?

There was a guy who was recently removed from RR because of his violation of this rule, along with others. Do you want to know what he said? He said that he agreed that homosexuals should be able to have the right to see their loved ones while in the hospital, because he viewed it as a human right. That bastard.

 No dispensing of medical or financial advice on the board. We realize that at times you need a second opinion concerning ailments and prescription medications or monetary budgeting, but this is something you should receive from your doctor or financial adviser, not from people (strangers) online. Consult your local doctor for medical advice or an emergency response team for any serious condition. And consult your own personal financial adviser for financial decisions. Rapture Ready is not responsible for failure in not following this simple guideline.

No medical or financial. Nothing practical, you know. But, we can tell you how to live your life, how to get into heaven, how to get to Hell, and play judge and jury.

 Do Not Judge In An Unrighteous Manner - Determining that someone is less of, or not truly a Christian because of a perceived lack of spiritual gifts, worship style, observance or non-observance of holidays, divorced or remarried, political affiliation, not voting for a specific candidate, dressing a certain way, believing in free will, experiencing various trials, or because someone who confesses they are saved by grace through faith in Christ, is not judging righteously. All members are encouraged to examine and judge doctrine in light of Biblical truth, but their eternal salvation is judged only by Jesus Christ. (John 7:24Matthew 7:1-2John 5:25-29,I Corinthians 4:5)

I included this one just because of the wording. "Do Not Judge In An Unrighteous Manner". You are, however, still allowed to judge in a righteous manner. Also, do not judge whether or not someone is less of a Christian than you, but please feel free to judge those damned Atheists, scientists, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and Scientologists. After all, those Scientologists are crazy! Their whole religion is based off a fictional book and involves and aliens an spirits that live inside us. Ours, on the other hand, is also based off of a book and involves an invisible, flying, Jewish zombie and a land of eternal fire where our loving father will send us if we work on Sunday.

 No posting in foreign languages. This is an English speaking board, please communicate in English, type proper english with correct letters, use a dictionary when necessary. Greek and Hebrew words are an exception for clarifying scripture. Any other foreign words must be associated with their definition. Informal writing is allowed.

"type proper english..." By the way, English is capitalized. God bless irony.

 No Cultic material

Aside from Christianity, of course.

 No statements supporting renewed (Inter-spirituality) - the blending of contemplative prayer and uniting of all religions (Ecumenism) including any suggestions the church needs a mystical (Emerging/Emergent) myth Gospel, that Jesus Christ is not the only way to salvation, or the Interfaith beliefs that all religions and faiths lead to heaven (Universalism), or any other universalistic concepts of "salvation" (that all the sincere find heaven) are usually regarded as "finding the god within you," (Panentheism) and god is in everything (Pantheism).
The Admin team reserves the right to determine what constitutes ecumenical emergent teachings and promotions.

No tolerance! I refuse to let you express tolerance. I am right and you are wrong. That's it! How do I know I am right? Well...look over there! What could that be?! (Runs away to avoid presenting a coherent argument)

I present a challenge to all theists of a particular religion. Prove to me that Pastafarianism is undeniably wrong in a way that cannot also be used to disprove yours. I will pay you $20. I'd offer more, but it doesn't make much of a difference.

[32] This board fully supports 
Israel occupying the Middle East, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount area. Posts in support of Islam, the Muslim religion, or factitious Palestinian rights are not tolerated. The world nations are against Israel because the world system is under Satan's control. Posts against Israel defending herself are not tolerated.

Wait, politics? You're saying what politics your members must support (or if not support, cannot vocally oppose)?

The world nations are against Israel? Actually, more support Israel than oppose it. Under Satan's control. Right. Absolutely. I see what you mean now.

[33] No posts supporting 
issues on pacifism: Continuous wars will exist on this planet until the Prince of Peace establishes His Kingdom on earth, and only after a great and bloody war that Jesus Himself will wage against His enemies. Laws and governments (with armies) are established to restrain evil, if left unrestrained, evil would take overtake peaceful countries, including "pacifists". "Pacifist Christians" would be persecuted, oppressed, slaughtered... Romans 13:4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he bears not the sword in vain: for he is a minister of God, an avenger to execute wrath upon him that practices evil. With this issue settled, pacifist ideals and liberal positions, which are weakening this country, are not necessary nor allowed on this board.

I just have to say, I had to put my computer down upon reading this for fear of breaking it in my convulsions of laughter. This line of thought completely goes along with the aforementioned definition of Millennialist. People have been saying this for a very, very long time.

Let's break some of this down. "Laws and governments are established to restrain evil". False. The Third Reich (wait, the Jews, handicapped, and Gypsies are evil), the Khmer Rouge, Stalin's Soviet Union, etc. What evil did these governments attempt to restrain?

If this line of logic were to hold true, the level of militancy in a country would have an inverse relationship to the amount of "evil" in that country. Since I don't know what "evil" is supposed to mean, I will substitute this word with "crime". However, seeing as how America is one of the most militant countries, we can see that is not true. Other countries which have banned the individual citizens from possessing any weapons are much more peaceful.

Yes, pacifists are weakening this country. Was our country better off before we entered Iraq and Afghanistan or are we better now? Be honest. That's what I thought.

I encourage make your own decisions, and you are welcome to do so about Rapture Ready. However, in my not humble opinion, these people are crazy, possibly clinically. To give a final few pieces of evidence, allow me to quote some posts on RR that have not been deleted, and thus are acceptable:

"Climate Change is a religion and it's holy sacrament is Abortion."

"Hubby and I both bawl all day long!!!

Hubby says that while he is working (he owns his own paint contracting company), and starts to think about Jesus and His return and the tears start to flow. Or while He is saying the Lord's Prayer, he breaks out in tears. He says he sobs when thinking about Jesus' return and seeing Him face to face. He says also when he remembers certain passages, like John 14:6, "Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."

I too have been breaking down in tears and literally sobbing. My heart is overwhelmed and it is overflowing with the love that Jesus has for me. I can barely listen to a song that praises Jesus without bawling. Reading the Bible yesterday had me in tears. Reading some of the threads on this board make me break down.
But I think it is because the Holy Spirit is quickening our hearts. He is talking to us, now - more than ever and is calling us home. He is warning us and preparing us. Jesus IS coming. I think the entire Bride has heard His voice. He is giving us the urgency of the imminent return of Jesus for His Bride, and how important it is that we witness to as many as we can.

These tears are tears of joy IMHO. We long to be with our Father, and our Father has given us this yearning. I can only imagine that God is looking around the place that Jesus is/has prepared for us and is making sure everything is perfect. God is ready to tell His Son to, "Go get your Bride"!!!!

It won't be long now. Shout it from the rooftops!! Jesus is coming soon. He is Lord and Master and is getting ready to show Himself like never before!!!

Come Lord Jesus!!!"

"That's the beauty of Heaven... we can leave our brains behind."

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nineinchnall said...

Yeppers! Rapture Ready (whose denizens are known by the rest of the internet as "Raptards") is a continual source of "teh lulz."

You really should have provided a link to an search for RR crazy-talk, though. Which I'll do for you: Crazy Talk! Go to this link and type "Rapture Ready" (without the quote marks) in "Board".

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